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[sticky post] Semi-Friends Only

This is a Semi-Friends journal only Please comment here and say how you know me, or why you'd like to add me. I don't normally add people back though. 
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Doujinshi I own - page 1 here - DRR, T&B, Gintama, Magi, Vocaloid, Uta no prince-sama, Final Fantasy, and various
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                         - page 3 here - Tales of series, Hetalia and Suikoden
Terms for Contract and a Demonic Sky here
Fanfiction Updates here
Animes I need to Watch here
Friends only scans here

Things to get



Buyers are invited to post feedback about their experience

Thanks to all those that bought stuff from me!

Buyers, please leave feedback hereCollapse )



Selling my figurines

Hi there, I'm selling my Trafalgar Law,  Otoya Ittoki and Tokiya Ichinose figurines since I'm in desperate need of room. If you're interested, just comment or message me. Thanks!

Price: $90 each or best offer (doesn't include shipping)

Box has been opened and figurine was taken out to be examined before placed back inside. All parts are there.

Selling a lot of my doujinshi

I'm putting up books I haven't in a long time because either I've lost complete interest in the series or just don't want them anymore. Most are priced around $5-$10

Head here if you want to see the items: here

New SOPA bill

So I don't know if anyone actually gets on here anymore but there's a new SOPA bill that they are trying to pass. Its actually a bill where many of us artists, writers, etc, would be effected. Wrote an fanfiction? Felony. Did a walkthrough online? Felony. Did a fanart? Felony. The list goes on.

Kinda ridiculous if you ask me

Well, if you're interested to help prevent this from occurring, sign here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-sopa-2013/LMzMVrQF

I hope that others will help spread this around since so many of us will be in trouble


Posted this on tumblr and decided to do so here as well. Anyway, got my books at long last. What should I scan? Or sell too?

I have: 8 One Piece, 5 Uta no Prince-sama, 2 Gintama, 1 YuGiOh, 1 Magi, 1 Hetalia, 9 KHR, 2 Naruto, 1 Ib, 23 KnB

I also got the One Piece Law figurine too and a Witchblade figurine (which is for a friend) that came in one giant box XD

New books for sale!

They've all been uploaded on meta_sales already

Title: The Forgotten Time

Pairing: RebornXTsuna R27, there are others as well like X27, Fon27, others

Summary: An incident with the 10-year bazooka leaves Tsuna stuck in the past…what's he gonna to do?

Disclaimer: don't own and if I did then the whole world would be filled with yaoi

Beta'd by skepsis66. Thank her for doing a lovely job with this!

"Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold." Andre Maurois

Chapter 15: Final

Rest of itCollapse )

Feb. 9th, 2013

All previews to my fanfics as well as updates will be placed on tumblr from now on. Enjoy

Friends only scans

These doujinshi are for friends only. Some will be posted over to sweet_fervor later on but not all. Once they've been transferred over, I'll delete them here.

Images and links withinCollapse )


Looks like USPS is increasing their shipping prices again on January 27th.

[fic] Night Sky chapter 3

Title: Night Sky
Author: [info]metamorcy1or Metamorcy on ff.net
Pairing: R27
Rating: M
Summary: AU, Reborn didn't believe in the supernatural, they were just imaginary shadows people created in the back of their minds or were used only in the stories. But he didn't expect that while chasing a target would lead him meeting up with one by mistake.
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Read here


New fic idea

I just finished a 27Fong three part story.Took a while but I think I enjoyed this one.

Title: Name
Summary: AU, Fong never had a love life due to his career so when he meets someone he calls a stranger in a bar during a job, he just goes along with it to see where it leads him to.

Paring: 27Fong, semeTsuna
Rating: T

Yeah, its T so there’s not really any goody in it but it has plenty of hints. I viewed that this story shouldn’t have any because it just didn’t fit in despite the large amount that is incorporated inside. Hope you enjoy it once it comes out.


Clean up

Well, I doubt anyone out here really cares about me or my journal since sweet_fervor is really where everyone actually goes because they are only interested in the scans. So whatever. Anyway, I've done a clean up of all the friends on my page and the number of journals I had. It was around 600 for entries, now its about 150ish, and 160 for friends to 57. Deleted a lot.

So, I'll probably be using this place more for stuff...I don't know. But those that are on my friends list, you'll be getting scans weeks to months before it shows up on Sweet Fervor and there are some that will only be posted here. That means it won't be shared anywhere else. Enjoy.

I'll probably post more on updates and ideas for my fanfics more than anything. And rants, there's always rants.

Edit: I do know I might or might not have accidentally  deleted some I shouldn't have by mistake


Can someone give me the title and circle of this book? I know the circle has an English name written down (not Japanese) but I can't find anything off of it. So please leave both in Japanese if possible. Thank you.

Added stuff for sale

photo 3photo 5photo 7
Posters are $50 each this time (Yamamoto - $40). More expensive than before due to the fact that they were much much harder to get sadly. And I don't know if I can ever get them cheap ever again due to the fact that each year that passes, the price of them rises.

photo 6
PuriPuri by Confetti*Stella and others (no novel about 32-36 pages long) - $21 - written in Chinese with the pairing as G27

Got my stuff!

My package came in today. Was surprised since its a Sunday. Anyway, got the posters that are made by Ciel (33.3) and some books in Chinese. I'll need to redo my sales page all over again.
Untitled-1photo 6
That moment when you realized you accidently swiched the addresses on two packages... Shit...

Free if you pay shipping

All items listed here are for free as long as you cover the shipping. If not taken, they are thrown away

photo 3

Jewelry box

Love Bunnies