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Group order #3 - closed

Group order #3 now open until November 30th. Please note that I can close early if I get enough people.

Some helpful links for those looking for something in particular (if you need help, let me know):

Toranoana:  HETALIA | REBORN | DURARARA!! l | GINTAMA l Tiger & Bunny | Ao no Exorcist l Fullmetal Alchemist l Final Fantasy l Basara l Tales of series l VOCALOID l
K-Books : HETALIA l REBORN l DURARARA!! l GINTAMA l Tiger & Bunny | Ao no Exorcist l Fullmetal Alchemist l Final Fantasy l basara l : Reborn l Durarara!! l Gintama l Hetalia l Tiger & Bunny l for this site, its really vague. Its best to search for specific circles or you can go through the over 100 over pages until you find something.

You can order things that not on here as well like Code geass or any other series I currently can't remember. If you need help finding a certain series, I'll try to lend a hand. A little note, what you find in one store up there might be in another one so take a look around.

For K-books, the restocking one looks like this whoever you are still welcome to try and order it:

For Toranoana, this is what you're looking for:

Keep an eye out for these.

Here’s a link to know about how much you’ll be spending. This will convert Japanese yen to U.S. dollars (please note that it does flux and paypal's conversion rate is completely different). Link 

And here's my feedback page to know that its okay to buy from me : link

Payment 1: This one is required before deadline and will be paid in Yen or can be in USD, please state which you'd perfer
1. Price of the Item(s)

2. There is a Commission involved but its quite low compared to others and this will be based on your total price not per item. 
1 - 1500 yen = 400 yen
1501 - 3000 yen = 600 yen 
3001 - 6000 yen  = 900 yen
6001 - 10,000 yen = 1200 yen
10,001 - 13,000 yen = 1650 yen
13,001 - 16,000 yen = 1900 yen
16,001 and above = 12%
3. Choose if you want total in USD or in yen
Depending on what type you choose, you'll be charged differently.

 Will only be sent as either gift or payment owed. Paypal fee will vary. Some don't have to pay due to their accounts. There is a conversion rate fee that needs to be added on since the paypal rate changed everyday

Yen - sent as goods only
  Paypal Fee
        - US: 2.9% + conversion rate
        - Others: 3.9% + conversion rate
If you can send it by gift (those that have the ability to not pay the paypal fee please let me know beforehand), other than that, please send it by goods.

Payment 2 : There's two shipping and one small (very small) paypal fee involed in this. From the Japan store to my Commissioner and then from Commissioner to Me. Paid in Yen.

The domestic shipping will hold that small fee, the domestic shipping, and any bank fees the store charges all combined into one.

You have 3 days from the moment I PM/send you the invoice. I will try and give you advance notices of when the date might be. If you are late, I will be charging you 300 yen on payment #3 to cover any costs I have to do in order to ensure I don't get in trouble with my commissioner since they only give  me a limited amount of time.

Everyone will split between these numbers by which store by how many books/items you have ordered. But be aware of how many pages there are, the thicker ones will cost you a little more since they are heavier. It wouldn't be fair to everyone if they have to pay more of your share. 

I won't know how much this will be until I get the total from them. But be prepared to pay as soon as possible so they can send it out immediately. I'll be doing Airmail (1 week), ground SAL is too long and too risky for this type of order (2 weeks) so I don't want to take the chance of something wrong happening and EMS is far too expensive. However, depending on the weight of the items, if I can't get Airmail then it'll have to be EMS so be prepared.

Also again, due to the fact that I have no clue on how much this will cost, I believe you should estimate about 200-300 yen for each book to know about how much you might be spending.

Payment 3 : This is the shipping from Me to you and this will be paid in USD ($)
To international buyers, please take into consideration that I'm located in the US.  Shipping from me to you might get expensive so be warned about the prices since the price depends on the weight of the package. Paypal fee applicable.

1. For US buyers, your max payment for shipping is probably $5.50 since there's first class, media mail, and priority options
2. Canada/Mexico starts around $4 and goes up by the weight. But it can be grouped together for heavy orders for priority for $12.50
3. Other international starts around $5-6 and shoots up quite high for each ounce so be careful. But for heavy orders, I can ground them together for priority for $14.50

If you do not pay payment #3, I will not refund you anything. I will keep the items and put them up for sale to cover any costs

Payment: Paypal (perfered) and concealed cash. Please note that for cash, you are taking a risk in sending that out and let me know in advance as well. If the money doesn't come to me by the time I need to place the order, I send the money straight back but I will take out $1 from the amount to pay for the shipping back. 

Important things that must be consider:
1. If by chance you happen to order the same thing as me or someone else, I'll try to order two of them. But if theres only one, I'll be giving it to whoever ordered first and will refund the other both your price for the doujinshi.
2. Please be sure you're definitely interested before commenting. Orders cannot be canceled once paid so payment is non-refundable. The only case you'll be refunded is if the item you want is out of stock. I will proceed to contact and refund you as soon as I can.
3. Please keep changes to a minimum. I'll allow you to freely do so as long as payment has not been made yet.
4. Please be patient. We can get lucky but the order may take up to a couple of weeks (2+) to be ready to be shipped to me.
5. Please make sure to leave other forms of contact if you're not the quickest to check LJ.
6. Make sure when you're looking at the doujinshi that you take notice of the stock of it.

Any questions? Comment below! I'll answer them to the best I can. I can also give you an estimate so make sure to give a link to the doujinshi/item you want, just copy and paste it and make sure to write the prices on the side of it. And if possible, put the title on the side. Thanks!

Order Form:
Items: (with link and name and price)
payment type: yen or USD

11/30 - order placed
12/24 - package shipped out towards my place

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